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The 14th International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition, TransCaspian 2015 and the 5th Anniversary Caspian International Road Infrastructure and Public Transport Exhibition, Road and Traffic 2015 started its work today on the 12th of May in the Baku Expo Centre. Both exhibitions have been supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan since their foundation. The exhibitions also benefit from official support from the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) and the National Confederation of Entrepreneursí (Employers') Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASK). The TransCaspian Exhibition is working closely with TRACECA, one of the transport industryís leading organizations.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Musa Panahov, Deputy Minister of Transport of Azerbaijan noted that the exhibition contributed to the development of Azerbaijanís transport infrastructure and demonstrated the possibility of attracting cargos for transit through Azerbaijan and finding the best options of transportation for cargo owners. In his speech, the deputy minister stressed the importance of exhibitions for the industry, which provide an annual meeting place for the large carriers and logistics companies, rolling stock manufacturers, shipbuilders among others.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Laurent Noel, the industry director of ITE Group Plc, emphasized the leading position that TransCaspian and Road and Traffic exhibitions have within in the Caucasus region and occupy an important place among the eighteen exhibitions that take place in fourteen countries on four different continents. He thanked the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan for its support and wished the exhibitionís participants success.

The exposition of TransCaspian 2015 included 72 companies from Azerbaijan, Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, France and Switzerland. The exhibition presents the expositions of companies such as Access Trans, Alstom Transport, ArcelorMittal, Auto Lift Gmbh, Liebherr, Matrix, Stadler Rail Group, Trans Caucas Terminal, WUA technology, Brest Electrotechnical Plant, Gomel Wagon Factory, GT-aluminothermic welding, Murom Switch Company, First Locomotive, Uralvagonzavod, MTZ Transmash, Pakobo, Transmashholding and many others. In addition to commercial companies, some of Azerbaijanís public transport structures, including Azerbaijan Railways, Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping and the State Automobile Transport Service participate in the exhibition. The Swiss Stadler Rail Group, which manufactures passenger and specialized cars and trams, is sponsoring the TransCaspian 2015 exhibition.

The 5th Anniversary International Road Infrastructure and Public Transport Exhibition, Road and Traffic 2015, is being held in parallel with the above-mentioned exhibition, bringing together 52 companies from Azerbaijan, Germany, China, Russia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, the USA and other countries. The exhibitors include companies such as Azauto, Azvirt, Azerİnsaat Servis, Azer-Turk AS, Azeryolservis, AZD Praha, Carlson Software, Cepas, E-Mak, Ekomobil, Evim Construction, Fujian Tietuo Machinery, KentKart Ege Elektronik, Hofmann Gmbh, Holcim Azerbaijan, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions, Kolin Construction, Proyapi, Tarsa Kompozit Boya Makina, Stop Showroom Service, TENSAR, Ultra Computers, Automotive Transport Service of Azerbaijan, The Road Systems, Zitron, KTC Metalwork and the Intelligent Transport Management Centre in Baku, among others.

These companies provide services in the field of design and construction of roads, bridges and tunnels, road-building equipment and materials, road safety, road marking equipment, ventilation systems for metro, road and traffic monitors, software for the design of urban infrastructure, intelligent control system transport, buses and more. The new trends in the field of road paving and road construction are available for visitors to see. Test-driving of electric vehicles, presented by Ekomobil, will be carried out this year in the outside area of the Baku Expo Centre.

The TransCaspian and Road and Traffic exhibitions are accompanied with a business program. The seminar, organized by WUA technology, will be held on the 12th of May in the Baku Expo Centre. The following topics will be discussed during the seminar: ĎThe system of automatic driving of electric KZ8A locomotivesí, ĎThe unified automated system of the EASU DT model for measuring the use of diesel fuel, based on a cabin recorder of operation parameters for the RPDA-T locomotiveí, ĎA complex for measuring the amount of electric energy necessary for traction of rolling stock running on AC and DC with SEPPT class counter (accuracy: 0.5 s) for commercial measures of power consumption.í

The TransCaspian 2015 and Road and Traffic 2015 exhibitions are organized by Iteca Caspian and its partner ITE Group Plc. The network of ITE Groupís partners - ITE London, EUF (Turkey), GIMA (Germany), ITE China (China), ITE Gulf (Dubai), who have been actively attracting international companies to participate in the Azerbaijani exhibitions, are all involved in the work on this project.

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