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14.06.2013 15:55

New product GPS transport monitoring

Fuad Talibov,

Business Development Manager, IT Solution LLC:

- Our company was established in 2006. We are partners of world leaders including IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle, HID, FLIR, Apollo Security and Digital Barriers. Possessing all the necessary resources for the implementation of high-tech and complicated projects, we design, produce and install our own/our partners products and solutions in IT, Telecommunications and Security. The company is certified for compliance with ISO 9001-2008.

At TransCaspian we are presenting a new product GPS Monitoring. With the GPS.AZ system you can track the location of vehicles and their speed and travelled distance online. The vehicle-mounted equipment determines the location using GPS/GLONASS satellites and transmits this via the GSM Network to the monitoring systems server.

This solution enables a vehicles movements, downtime and movement speed to be controlled 24 hours a day, and to receive and export reports about mileage, machine hours, parking, trips, fuel consumption, etc. in a required format. The user can also set a desired route and monitor any deviations from it, disable the engine and more.

On the first day of the exhibition our stand was visited by the Deputy Minister for Transport and other officials whom we provided with detailed information about this new system. The advantage of the exhibition is in the opportunity to demonstrate new technologies and solutions, and to discuss them with interested parties, right here on our stand. On every day of the exhibition we will be providing visitors with qualified information and consultations.

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