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14.06.2013 11:29

Favorable agreements within the framework of TransCaspian

Siyasat Aliyev,

Technical Department Head at Caspian Shipping Company:

- Caspian Shipping Company (CSC) is the largest shipping company in Azerbaijan, and our main line of business is the transportation of goods, especially oil and oil products. In addition we also undertake ship repairs. The companys vessels navigate the Caspian, Black, Mediterranean and Marmara Seas. Goods delivered to the Caspian Sea from the ports of the Baltic, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean basin through the Volga-Baltic and Volga-Don navigations are sent without trans-shipment to ports in Iran. The companys vessels operating in the Black Sea-Azov basin carry cargo of foreign shippers to ports in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

I am proud to say that our company has been a constant participant in TransCaspian since its inception. It is difficult to overestimate the role of this exhibition for professionals in the distribution and receipt of information of interest. During our participation in the exhibition, we have managed not only to establish relations with our partners in the market, but also to conclude profitable agreements. For example, on our stand one can see the model of the Jabbar Gashimov oil tanker, which was built at the A M. Gorky Shipyard (Tatarstan) after a contract with this shipyard was signed as a result of TransCaspian 2008. And this is just one example of the success we have had as a result of the exhibition.

I invite everybody to visit the stand of Caspian Shipping Company in order to learn more about the company and to see models of real ships that sail under our companys flag.

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