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14.06.2013 11:14

Azerbaijans maritime gateway

Elchin Mirzoev,

General Director, Baku International Sea Trade Port:

- Baku International Sea Trade Port (BISTP) a permanent participant at TransCaspian - plays an important role in trans-Caspian trade. Today it is the main maritime gateway of Azerbaijan. Against the background of a significant increase in the volume of trans-Caspian oil transport and the importation of oil equipment into Azerbaijan, the BISTP has significantly expanded its activities. The services provided by the port include the processing of dry and liquid cargoes, the processing of general and project-specific cargoes, container handling, and warehousing and the storage of goods.

The potential annual turnover of the port in terms of goods is constantly growing and now stands at 15 million tons of liquid cargo and up to 10 million tons of dry cargo. Thanks to modern equipment and year-round navigation, the port maintains its competitive edge and is widely used by international traders.

At our stand, visitors can see an electronic map that clearly shows the routes between BISTP and the Black Sea ports; routes on which traffic has recently been growing: we are receiving an increasing number of loads from Istanbul and other Black Sea and Mediterranean ports. Furthermore, our port is widely used as a transit point.

The practical benefits of the exhibition for its participants are obvious, and we have been convinced of this several times based on our past experiences. A recent example: we are now in the middle of negotiations with Iran to open a sea passenger line service between Baku and Tehran, which did once exist but was then cancelled. The idea of ​​restoring the route came from the Iranian side after they reviewed the capabilities of our port at a TransCaspian exhibition.

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