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23.01.2012 10:56

Mandatory declaration introduced for import of goods in Customs Union

Baku, Fineko/ The Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan informed the businessmen about the entry into force of Decision #899 of the Customs Union on the introduction of mandatory preliminary information about goods imported into the Customs Unions customs territory by road transport.

Under the Decision, which operates in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, authorized economic operators, carriers, including customs carriers, customs agents or other interested persons should submit information in respect of imported goods by road for at least two hours prior to their importation into the customs territory of the Customs Union. The following information is provided originally on transit goods:

- the sender, recipient of the goods in accordance with the transportation (shipment) documents;

- the country of origin, country of destination;

- the declarant;

- the carrier;

- the vehicle of international transport, which carried the goods;

- the name, quantity, value of goods in accordance with the commercial, transportation (shipment) documents;

- code of the goods - at least the first six digits;

- about the weight of the goods or gross amount, as well as the quantity of goods in additional units of measurement;

- the number of cargo packages;

- the destination of the goods in accordance with the transportation (shipment) documents;

- The documents certifying compliance with the restrictions associated with the movement of goods across the customs border of the Customs Union, if such movement is permitted;

- the planned transshipment of goods or cargo operations in way;

- the time and place of arrival of goods into the customs territory of the Customs Union.

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