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15.06.2012 14:03

Co-operation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan has a longstanding and good tradition

Evgeniy Ilnitsky, Head of Logistics Department at the Ukrainian State Transport-Logistics Centre

Our company is part of the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine and is directly engaged in the organization of cargo transportation. We are the operators of rolling stock and operate freight cars owned by the state freight companies. The company was founded in the course of the reforms of the rail network of Ukraine and it is a young company. It was only founded in November of last year, but has great potential, goals and plans.

The organization was entrusted with the mission of increasing the quality of customer service, reducing wagon turnaround and increasing the volume of freight traffic.

We are taking part in the TransCaspian exhibition for the second time. We first attended in 2007. We have observed the marked increase and improvement of this event as the exhibition has more exhibitors and potential customers this year, and the amount of information available has also grown.

We maintain a close relationship with Azerbaijani railway companies and have held a number of meetings with our colleagues in Azerbaijan on the possible increase of the volume of cargo transportation between our companies.

The Minister for Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan visited our stand on the first day of the exhibition. According to him, it was clear that the close co-operation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan, which has a longstanding and good tradition, should be further enhanced in future.


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