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13.06.2012 18:39

The exhibition contributes to the further development of relations between our countries

Suzanne Knezevic,

Regional Co-ordinator for International Economic Relations of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

For the first time, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has brought three Croatian companies engaged in shipbuilding and equipment for shipbuilding to TransCaspian 2012.

One of the companies - Duro Dakovic - manufactures freight cars to carry coal, sand and similar goods. The loading of the cars is realized by opening valves on both sides of the cars.

The second company - Uljanik Bnodogradiliste - is engaged in the building complex ships for dry and liquid cargoes, well as for offshore installations.

And the third company, ACM-JEK, combines several shipbuilding companies from Croatia. The company has representatives in Moscow and St. Petersburg, from where departments operate in the markets of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Along with the construction of ocean and river vessels, ACM-JEK repairs, converts and modernizes all types of vessels.

We began to co-operate with Azerbaijan in 2001, when our president visited the country. At that time, in co-operation with AZPROMO, delegates from twelve Croatian companies visited Azerbaijan. To develop co-operation through business negotiations with Azerbaijani companies, a larger delegation of representatives from 30 Croatian companies visited Azerbaijan in 2012. Our President Ivo Josipović also visited Azerbaijan in March of this year. The Croatian national stand has also been present at other exhibitions held in Azerbaijan. TransCaspian 2012 is a focus for the attention of Croatian businessmen. We believe that participation in this exhibition will contribute to the further development of relations between the countries, within the framework of the state decisions.

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