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13.06.2012 18:31

The annual exhibition is a very accurate reflection of the trends of development in the transport system

TRACECA is an internationally recognized programme aimed at developing economic relations, trade and transport links in the regions of the Black Sea, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Today the corridor includes the transport system in the 13 participating countries of the Basic Multilateral Agreement on International Transport for the Development of the Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia (TRACECA MLA) - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Romania, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, and is officially recognized by leading international organizations including the UN, BSEC, UIC and IRU.

TRACECA, as the official supporter of TransCaspian, has participated in the main transport event in Azerbaijan, i.e. the International Transport, Transit and Logistics exhibition, over a number of years. In our opinion, the annual exhibition is a very accurate reflection of the trends of development in the transport system, demonstrating the changing nature of the transport services requirements.

This year's displays on the TRACECA stand - "Guidelines on TRACECA investment," and the new "Atlas of TRACECA" - as well as updated information brochures, are attracting the attention of visitors and are of interest to professional visitors at TransCaspian 2012. Our displays have collected many accolades from logistics operators and companies in rail, sea and air transportation; insurance and customs brokers; ship-builders; road construction companies; distributors; commercial vehicles dealers; and many other businesses in the transport sector.

Our objective is to organize the collective participation of enterprises to ensure the development potential for business relations in the TRACECA region. The priorities for the TRACECA corridor and efforts by Intergovernmental Commission are identical to the goals and objectives of TransCaspian, reflecting the desire to increase the volume of international trade and cargo transportation processes. We believe that TransCaspian will once again enhance inter-regional and interstate communications; promote the all-round growth of advanced transportation, information and logistics technologies; enable the exchange of views regarding the renovation of the transport infrastructure of the parties involved; and make a constructive contribution to the development of the transport system throughout Eurasia.

Samira Rafizade

PR specialist for the Permanent Secretariat (PS) of the IGC TRACECA

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