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13.06.2012 17:08

We are pioneers in the Azerbaijani transportation market

Ariel Kligman, General Manager for business development in CIS and Baltic countries at BTG

BTG Internationale Spedition GmbH is part of BTG Group and executes international transportation all over the world. Another subdivision of BTG BTG Messe Spedition GmbH operates worldwide exhibition logistics. The company was founded 30 years ago and its central office is situated in Augsburg near Munich. In addition, there are a further 10 branches of BTG Internationale Spedition GmbH throughout Germany and a number of daughter and partner firms all over the world. Among the CIS countries we have branch offices in Moscow and a representative in Ukraine.

We began to engage with the Trans Caucasian businesses some years ago, beginning with transportation in Georgia many years ago. During the half year our branch office, which has sent its representative to this exhibition, have established road freight handling operations in Azerbaijan.

In general our company offers transportation by means of different vehicles. We offer purely expediting services, meaning that we do not have our own transport, except some vehicles that carry special freight in Germany. The main focus of our activity is the transportation of all types of freight on trucks. We are particularly strong in joint cargo operations, which involve the road freight handling of dangerous / heavy goods or combines for several clients. In addition, BTG can arrange transport by rail, and we have large branches in Hamburg and Bremen which are engaged in sea transportation. Our offices in Frankfurt and Munich deal with air transportation. BTG has a good market share and the origins of this success began with goods being delivered from Germany to Britain within 24 hours.

We look forward to the successful development of our activities in Azerbaijan. Our stand was visited by the Minister for Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan today. Ive already said that we are the first German logistics company to be involved in this exhibition. Perhaps, as a pioneer, we will find it somewhat hard, but we are confident of great achievements.

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